Brooker Associates, Inc. | Design Services
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Design Services


Brooker Associates’ design team is here to incorporate your ideas into a cohesive vision, ensuring that your yard is an absolute masterpiece.  We specialize in designs that save water and create usable spaces that live up to your yard’s full potential.  We make sure all the proper soil amendments, plants and hardscape elements are used to create a low-maintenance landscape that you can’t wait to spend time in.

Our professional designers can provide landscape plans, plant recommendations, 3-D renderings, and even virtual tours to help you with this vision.  Visit our Design Center and Outdoor Showroom today for more information.

Getting Started

Visit our showroom or give us a call to set up a site visit with one of our Landscape Designers.

Site Visit

One of our Landscape Designers will come to your residence to discuss what you are looking to accomplish in your yard, and provide a quote for design services.  From there, measurements will be taken and the design process will begin.  (You may also provide a budget range at this time if you want you designer to keep this in mind while drawing up your yard.)

Design Process

Your Designer will develop a vision for your yard, drawing your residence to scale on a 24″x36″ plot plan and creating a 3D Virtual video of the site.  Once your Designer has completed the design, you and your Designer will review the plan and make any necessary adjustments prior to creating a budget estimation.


Your landscape designer will work up a budget for your project with assistance from your future Project Manager.


Once you and your Designer have finalized your plan and have reached an agreeable budget, a final contract is written up and signed to allow us to commence work.

Since we do not take down payments on our work (with the exception of custom orders), you will be invoiced monthly progress payments until your project is complete.  This ensures you only pay for work that has been completed.


You are now ready to enjoy your beautiful new landscape, designed just for you!